Processing Design: Hand Mutation

By Coco Shen

I get my inspiration from Big Brothers are Watching You by Raven Kwok, a Chinese visual artist, animator and creative programmer. I noticed him through his posts on social media. This piece is one of my favorite ones.



“I initially wanted to test with multiple windows in Processing. Dynamical simulation was later added to the windows, eventually leading to this real-time demo”

—- Raven Kwok

Response piece

Inspired by Big Brothers Are Watching You, I created my wire sculpture piece – Hand Mutation. I get the idea of doing somewhat mutation kind of thing from his project 1194D.  So Instead of eyes, I used the shape of a hand as a base for my project, and tried to mutate hands out of fingers which follows a similar amusing style with Raven’s art work.



I think it can be cool if I code it with the effect that it will mutate itself. However, my coding skill on Processing is limited, I ends up with only a plain illustration of my work with mouse press function.

#Code goes here:

PShape s;
PFont f;

void setup() {
s = loadShape(“//Users/cocosy/Documents/Processing/Hand.svg”);
f = createFont(“Ariel”,32);

void draw() {
textFont(f,35);                                                         // STEP 3 Specify font to be used
fill(255);                                                                     // STEP 4 Specify font color
text(“mutation”,75,200);                                    // STEP 5 Display Text

shape(s, 207, 374, width/8, height/6);
shape(s, 224, 300, width/3, height/2);
shape(s, 257, 269, width/9, height/6);
shape(s, 306, 245, width/9, height/6);
shape(s, 348, 285, width/10, height/7);
shape(s, 393, 344, width/12, height/8);

void mousePressed() {

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I captured the images of the motion in processing and made the following video through the help of Pr.

And I’ve got several questions while making it:

  1. How to improve image quality?
  2. How to rotate the shape I inputed and change the size of the shape?
  3. How to make the mutation to happen itself? (which seems to be hard to complete for me now)

Hope to know more about Processing in the future classes:) And I’ve posted more things to share with you on my Learning Portfolio, welcome to visit.


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